Achievements of BAJC

Achievements of our passed out students

Alankreeta Bharali
CBSE Class 10 result: 10 CGPA
H.S. Result: 90.2%
Letter marks in all 6 subjects
Now studying Architecture Engineering
in RVCA, Banglore

Shahrukh Sultan

Shahrukh Sultan
H.S.L.C.: 86%
H.S. : 91%
Letter marks in all 6 subjects
Now Studying B.E. in JIST

Tanmoy Nath
H.S.L.C. Result: 92%
H.S. Result: 86%
Now studying in
Jorhat Medical College

Priyanshu Bhuyan
H.S.L.C. Result: 93%
Now studying B. Tech.
in NIT, Silchar

Yea Roshan
H.S.L.C. Result: 86%
H.S. Result: 87%
Now studying in
Guwahati Medical College

And many other excellent performances
by our students

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